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White's Coinmaster GT Offer with Extras !

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White's Coinmaster GT Come's With Coil Cover Headphones Spade


White's Coinmaster GT

The Coinmaster GT is rugged, lightweight and Features: Automatic Ground Balance, Sensitivity Graph, target ID, VDI number, Depth Reading all on the back-lit display.

The Coinmaster GT has a wealth of great features such as:

Automatic Ground Balance: With Fast Tracking eliminates ground minerals in a snap! Improved performance in all kinds of ground conditions.

VDI: Visual Discrimination Indication numbers readout to provide precise target info. A top-of-the-line White's feature!

Depth Reading as you hunt: Once you've detected a good target, the screen shows you how deep to dig. No extra steps, it's automatically on the screen! Target I.D. Display shows I.D. of target as you hunt. Hear and see targets!

Adjustable Notch Discrimination: Provides 9 notches to cover the full target range.

Back-lit Display: With Sensitivity Graph, target ID, VDI number, Depth Reading and Battery Strength.

VCO: Pinpointing gives a higher pitch as you approach the target.

9 inch Waterproof Search Coil: Perfect size for all-around hunting. Other coils available.

Battery: Long-life, snap-in 'AA' battery pack.

Beach Mode: For increased performance on the hard-to-hunt ocean beaches.

It also comes with a 2 year UK warranty!



  • Automatic ground balance
  • Visual discrimination indication
  • Depth reading
  • Adjustable notch discrimination
  • Back-lit display
  • VCO
  • 9" Waterproof search coil
  • Beach mode
  • Long battery life


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